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Disciple is a program of disciplined Bible Study. Its goal is to develop biblically nourished people committed to live as disciples of Jesus Christ. It emphasizes disciplined reading of and listening to scripture. On a weekly basis, participants commit to 30-45 minutes of preparation for 6 days and a 2 1/2 hour group meeting, which includes a video presentation by a biblical scholar..

The Disciple program focuses on the disciples as learner, believer, follower, proclaimer, and servant. Each of the studies combines reading, discussion and reflection to enhance and challenge our understanding of scripture. It is divided into four classes with an additional Youth Disciple class.

Please note: Disciple 1 or Youth Disciple should be taken prior to any other Disciple Studies. We strongly recommend taking the Disciples classes in numerical order. All 4 levels of the first Disciple studies should be completed before taking the Second Generation "Jesus in the Gospels".

All Disciple studies begin with a midsummer luncheon. Classes commence in August. A fundraising luncheon will be held in the spring of 2009 to benefit the retreat for long term studies. All levels of study generally culminate in a weekend retreat in mid May. Disciple Recognition Sunday will be in late May or early June.

Registration for any one of the long term Disciple Studies is $45. Registration for the short term studies is $9. Scholarships are available for study materials and the retreat if needed. Whether you are just beginning your Christian walk or you have been journeying for many years, Disciple is for YOU!

  • Disciple I: Becoming Disciples through Bible Study: It is a 34 week journey through the biblical story from Genesis to Revelation.

  • Youth Disciple: Disciple 1 for youth aged 15-18

  • Disciple II: Into the Word Into the World: A 32 week journey focusing on four books: Genesis, Exodus, Luke, and Acts. This builds on the scriptural understanding developed in Disciple I.

  • Disciple III: Remember Who You Are: A 32 week study focusing on the prophets and the letters of Paul. This is meant to follow Disciple I & II.

  • Disciple IV: Under the Tree of Life: A 32 week study focusing on the Old Testament books not in the Torah or prophets, the Gospel of John, and Revelation. This is meant to follow Disciple I, II, and III.

  • Disciple Second Generation Studies – Christian Believer: A 30 week study focusing on the classical doctrines of the Christian faith.

History of Disciple Bible Study at Kennesaw United Methodist Church

Disciple was introduced to local congregations in 1990, and because of the vision of Rev. Steve Moore, our associate pastor at the time, came to Kennesaw the following year. The two groups were formed by invitation only! Of the original twenty Drew Adams, Ruth Ann Brown, Betty Ellison, Kathy McCranie, Beth Patrick, Elsie Trippe, and Jeremy Wren still call Kennesaw UMC their church home.

Kennesaw UMC has been faithful to the retreat setting for the final two lessons of Disciple I. Over the years, Disciple II, III, & IV classes have also chosen to complete their studies away from home. Retreat locations have varied from the rustic to the luxurious, and have included Camp Glisson, Toccoa, Cohutta Springs, Simpsonwood, Timber Ridge, and Red Top Mountain.


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