Aldersgate—Room 142/On Zoom (mixed ages)

Most of our study material is directly Bible based along with studies focused on the Christian life. Our lessons use discussion rather than teaching to help us grow in our faith.

Christian Growth– Room 140/On Zoom
Studies include Andy Hamilton and Andy Stanley video series.  This group also participates in various missions and outreach opportunities.
Friends in Faith—Outdoors
The class is comprised of both married couples and single adults. A variety of study materials are used to guide discussions on discipleship and daily Christian living.
George Skelton-Elton Adams—Room 137 (senior adults)

This class, although primarily comprised of older adults, is open to anyone looking to study straight from the Bible.

Namesake Women’s Sunday School-Room 219
This class is for women, both married and single.
Young Adults Small Group-Room 138/on Google Meet
This is a group that ministers to adults who have just begun adulthood. College or post-college, single or married, this group is comprised of people who are seeking fellowship with other Young Adults and a strengthened connection to God.